Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2018

SEMARNAT is asked for better monitoring when it comes to sea turtles protection

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In order to protect sea turtles, the State Committee for the Protection, Conservation and Research of Marine Turtles of Quintana Roo requested the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) to annex field monitoring in order to analyze the environmental impact manifestations.

The technical secretary of the committee, Lucelly Guadalupe Ramos Montejo, mentioned that the objective is to ensure that the areas where turtles nest are safeguarded, avoiding construction on those sites; emphasizing that sometimes real estate developers act with negligence.



Ramos Montejo highlighted the cases of tourist developments in Tulum, where owners and partners lied when they said there were no nesting areas on those lots, so after the investigation conducted by the committee experts, the authorization was denied.

“We are asking the federal environmental institution to really get involved in this important issue, don’t approve a project from the office, but go out there and verify that the construction works are not destroying the turtles’ nesting area,” remarked the technical secretary of the committee.

“After finishing the nesting cycle corresponding to the current year,  it is necessary to collaborate more on the issue of turtle conservation, because we can do a lot better and should not settle for the current turtle arrivals figures” Ramos Montejo stated.

“This season was rated as good on the coasts of Quintana Roo, despite the sargassum that arrived on the beaches, more than 19 thousand nests were recorded.

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