Published On: Sun, Mar 18th, 2018

Sectur to promote “areas of sustainable tourism development” in Quintana Roo

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The Tourism Secretariat (Sectur) seeks to curb hotel voracity in Tulum and the mainland of Isla Mujeres, where more than 20,000 rooms are currently under construction.

The “zones of sustainable tourism development” are urgent and would be a pilot in Quintana Roo, said Maria Teresa Solis Trejo, undersecretary of Tourism Policy and Planning, adding that some investors buy land and build without taking into consideration public services or environmental impact.

According to the State Secretariat of Tourism (Sedetur), 30,000 new rooms are projected in Quintana Roo for the following years, in addition to the 100,000 already operating. This uncontrollable growth results in lack of services, deficient infrastructure, traffic saturation, no mobility, garbage collection problems, erosion of beaches and contamination of water tables.

“A few years back, the challenge was attracting investors to Quintana Roo; but today it is how we moderate such accelerated growth, and bring different dynamics But one of the biggest problems is the fact that the political and administrative system in Mexico is not designed with a long-term vision” Solís Trejo said.

The undersecretary of Sectur added: “We need a long-term vision, and more participatory governments. Not everything in the world is money, we need to keep our state in good conditions for the next generations”.

The Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) seeks to curb hotel voracity in Tulum and the mainland of Isla Mujeres, where more than 20,000 rooms are being built in Ciudad Mujeres. (photo: Quinata Roo hoy)

“The municipalities of Tulum and the continental area of ​​Isla Mujeres desperately need investments in services, roads, water treatment plants, electricity just to name a few, in order to generate satisfactory tourist experiences and improve the quality of life of the local population”.

The Undersecretary of Tourism Policy and Planning reiterated that construction has to be slowed down, to ensure support services because “some investors buy thinking about developing and with expectations of public services that are not real. So, they need to match the perspectives with reality. ”

María Teresa Solís concluded that “areas of sustainable tourism development” in places like Tulum and Isla Mujeres are urgent.




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