Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2018

“Sea turtle season” coming to an end in Isla Mujeres

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“Although we are three weeks away from the end of the “turtle season”, there was a scarce spawning of sea turtles in Isla Mujeres this year, a situation that is normal, since it is a cyclical phenomenon”, explained Carlos Barranco García, municipal director of Ecology and Environment.

“This situation is due to cyclical issues”, said Barranco García.

According to the biologist of Tortugranja, this is absolutely normal. The number of hatchlings decreases in a three-year period, without a particular cause.

The municipal official declared that a total of 355 nests were resuced during the season, 10 nests of the “Carey” kind, 80 nests of loggerhead and 265 nests of white turtle.

In number of eggs this translates into 466,000 eggs of the “Carey” kind, 9,002 eggs of loggerhead and  31,379 eggs of white turtle, for a total of 41,847 eggs.

In terms of mortality, there were three deaths of turtles, a figure that the director considered as low.

Source: Noticaribe



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