Published On: Wed, Oct 17th, 2018

Sea Turtle Festival in Tulum needs more social participation

“In 16 years of activities, the Sea Turtle Festival requires more social participation”, said organizers Leonel Gómez Nieto, of the civil association Flora, Fauna and Culture of Mexico, who also underlined that the festival survives with few sponsorships.

This year there will be three venues: one in Xcacel on the 19th, Akumal for the 20th and Tulum closes on the 21st in the Maya Court. Until the end of the season they will give final nesting figures for 2018.

Every activity requires combined efforts and support in order to achieve goals. The festival desperately needs more civilian involvement, as Tulum grows at gigantic steps and the nesting areas are constantly threatened.

Rocío Peralta, one of the organizers of this festival, recalled of what the festival has survived throughout 16 years, but the participation of organized civil society is vital in order to protect the environment and turtles in particular.

(Photo: SIPSE)

As every year, murals with the message of care for the environment will be painted throughout Tulum, a sand sculpture and kite contests on the beach will be part of the event.

Gómez Nieto concluded: “We do this with our hearts, if the local community, the government and  civil organizations join efforts, we can work together for the protection of more endangered species”.

Source: SIPSE



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