Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2023

‘Sargazin’ helps in the removal of sargassum in Playa del Carmen

The municipal president of Solidaridad invited tourists and locals to take a photo with the peculiar character and raise awareness about clean beaches.

La botarga will support beach cleaning work.  (Drafting)

This Thursday, through social networks, tourists and residents shared photos with ‘Sargazin, the new companion mascot of the anti-sargassum crews in Playa del Carmen , in Quintana Roo.

Public servants and collaborators from 23 municipal agencies joined |  Special

Wearing sunglasses and a rake to sweep the sand, the peculiar character carried out cleaning tasks in front of the visitors who enjoyed the day on the destination’s beaches.

Accompanied by elements of the anti-sargassum squad, ‘Sargazin’ was presented by the municipal president of Solidaridad, Lili Campos, as the mascot in charge of cleaning the beaches before the early sighting of sargassum.

​According to the state authorities and the Secretary of the Navy , during 2023 Quintana Roo will also have the presence of sargassum from May until the end of September, before this work began to keep the beaches clean during approximately six months.

Within the preventive strategies before the seaweed season, cleaning and monitoring work has been started, led by Semar in collaboration with the state and municipal governments, the hotel sector, specialists and citizen volunteers to contain it.

It is important to remember that one of the most affected destinations in the Mexican Caribbean by sargassum is Playa del Carmen , where the turquoise blue of the seas turns brown with the massive arrival of the macroalgae and what is intended with the preventive work is to protect the marine fauna and avoid the contamination of the sand by the decomposed sargassum that ends up leaving a bad image of the beaches on the coasts of the state.

Without a doubt, this sargassum season in Quintana Roo will have a peculiar touch for those who visit the Riviera Maya and find ‘Sargazin’ doing beach cleaning work.

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