Published On: Sat, Mar 3rd, 2018

Sargassum invades Playa de Carmen

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During a tour through from the fiscal dock of Playa del Carmen to the 16th avenue north, hundreds of visitors could be seen in their lounge chairs, enjoying only the sun but not the sea; others found it difficult to walk through the accumulation of Sargassum, as hotel employees try to remove a much as possible.

But not only the accumulated algae affects the visitors, but to say of Bruno, a local fisherman who claims that they  can not carry out their daily fishing activities either, because the seaweed locks in the nets and makes fishing practically impossible.

Accumulated algae affects the visitors. (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)

Besides, this exagerated accumulation of seaweed provokes erosion, phenomena which has the beaches of Playa del Carmen on the verge of extinction, hence the local people request the help of the three levels of government to stop the deterioration of this natural heritage and the main motor of their economy, the white sandy beaches of Playa.

Source: Diario de Yucatán



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