Published On: Sat, Feb 5th, 2022

Roberto Palazuelos is accused of recycling food at his Diamante K hotel in Tulum

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“Cynical and shameless”: Former employee accuses Roberto Palazuelos of recycling food in his luxurious hotel

(MEXICO – TYT).- A great scandal surrounds the Mexican actor and businessman Robert Palazuelos after one of his former employees accused him of recycling the food in his luxury hotel Diamante K located in Tulum, this with the intention of minimizing expenses, a confession that has left everyone shocked and very upset.

Albina Amador made all kinds of statements in which the Black Diamond and one of its most famous hotels are severely affected. “He recycles the tomato, the lemon, the bread, what the customer leaves, the mayonnaise… Everything he recycles at his Diamante K hotel” shared on video.

Acusan a Roberto Palazuelos de reciclar comida en su restaurante - El  Quintana Roo MX

(Photo: El Quintana Roo)

In the video circulating on social networks, the woman details a moment she experienced while working at the hotel: “I am going to tell an anecdote about Roberto Palazuelos… the waiter arrives with the basket of bread, which was a slice cut in half, the waiter arrives, leaves it in the kitchen, but it was easy for him to grab a piece and eat it “.

In the same way, he added that when realizing it, Palazuelos exploded and assured that this is how expenses rise: “Roberto Palazuelos said: ‘Look at this son of his… he is eating his bread, and that is why expenses are rising’; I told him: ‘But Roberto, it is a bread that the diners left’, ‘that is yes’ , (answered the actor), but you know that you have to recycle it.

This is how the Mexican actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos goes through another controversy in his career. Recently the journalist Lydia Cacho accused him of being part of a network of money laundering, theft and even disappearances in Tulum, this through his Twitter account before the end of 2021.



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