Published On: Sat, Feb 12th, 2022

Return of Belize citizens to Chetumal gives an economic respite to local businesses

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According to figures from the Canaco Chetumal Delegation, before the pandemic, the arrival of up to 80,000 visitors from the neighboring country to the state capital was registered every month.

(CHETUMAL, Q. ROO, – CANACO).- In the first days of the reopening of the Belize border, more than 1,200 citizens of the neighboring country have visited Chetumal, according to the Customs report, leaving a spill of approximately 72 thousand dollars for the local economy.

Juan Jaime Mingüer Cerón, president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur), expressed his confidence that this number will gradually increase in the following days, until recovering the arrival of 3 thousand daily visitors, registered before the pandemic.

” This is an important buyer’s market , since each one of them spends approximately 60 dollars in the city. They are practically the tourism that leaves the greatest spillover in the south of the State, since they come directly to Chetumal to buy,” he declared.

For this reason, he said, they are preparing a series of promotional packages and discounts on footwear, clothing, food, lodging and services, to encourage the arrival of more Belizean tourists to Chetumal.

This group left a spill to the local economy of just over 5 million dollars .

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the Belizean government has declared the closure of its borders, prohibiting the departure of its citizens to Quintana Roo.

” That’s why it was so crucial that these tourists be allowed to re-enter , who represent the largest group of visitors to Chetumal, both in quantity and quality, be allowed to re-enter,” said Councilor Cinthya Millán Estrella, of the Othón P. Blanco Tourism Legislative Commission.

For this reason, he urged the population to respect health protocols, in order to prevent an increase in the rate of Covid-19 infections in the capital, which would put this type of tourism at risk.

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