Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

Residents of El Cuyo demand police to expel witch

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The people of El Cuyo, Yucatán demand that a woman that they consider to be a real witch, to be cast out of town by the local the authorities. Almost as they did in ancient times, residents of this coastal community intend to expel “Deni del Mar”, the woman they assure does witchcraft to instill fear among locals and scare them off in order to appropriate their lands.

Residents of El Cuyo request the intervention of the authorities to expel witch. (Photo:

On Tuesday March 13, the people of El Cuyo delivered a letter to the municipal police chief asking to cast out the alleged witch, the letter was signed by several citizens.

The residents warned that if this person does not retire voluntarily, they will be forced to remove her from the port so she does not continue to disturb the peace and tranquility of this fishing village.

Witnesses say that this woman has performed acts of black magic by throwing bags full of sand and pieces of sea shells into some of the local shops and businesses, with the intention of bewitching people.

Many people in town declare to be afraid of her, and they fear to see her directly in the eye or even walk by her on the street.

The alleged ‘witch’ is identified only as “Deni del Mar”, who, according to the locals, arrived from Playa del Carmen and since then has been performing witchcraft acts, which include spells and dialogues in strange tongues.

One of the locals who claim to have been attacked by the alleged witch is Armando Correa, who said the woman sprayed a substance throughout his business, while pronouncing incoherent words that he considered were black magic spells or conjures of some sort.

The Municipal Police of Tizimín maintains presence on the site, and so far it is known that “Deni del Mar” is still in El Cuyo, living in a place she rented.

Superstitious people say that they saw her appear and disappear when entering the ocean, and from that point on, everybody in town started saying that the woman is a witch.




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