Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2020

Residents of Chemuyil almost lynched a senior citizen cause they thought he had Covid-19

Residents of a coastal town near Tulum, almost lynched a senior citizen as they thought he was infected with Covid-19.

According to preliminary information, the events occurred in the town of Chemuyil, an older adult suffered a glucose decompensation due to his diabetes, however, the villagers believed that his condition was related to the Covid-19 coronavirus and attempted to lynch the poor old man.

This was confirmed by Salvador Varilla Hernández, head of the Health Department of the municipality of Tulum, who pointed out that Mr. Luis N, was almost killed by a mob, just because he was hypoglycemic.

Varilla Hernández also said that the patient answered the QR questionnaire of the Epidemiological Intelligence Unit and was given assistance because he belongs to the most vulnerable group.

Chemuyil is located 111 kilometers (69 miles) south of Cancun (INEGI)

The head of Tulum’s Health Department ruled out that Don Luis is sick with Covid-19 coronavirus.

For the patient’s own safety, an ambulance from the State Health Services came to his house to take him to Playa del Carmen, where he will be treated for his diabetes.

The Riviera Maya Times Newsroom



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