Published On: Fri, Apr 7th, 2023

Reinforced surveillance to prevent robberies in Chetumal

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The Othón P. Blanco Police will intensify patrols in the neighborhoods of Chetumal to prevent burglars from entering homes, taking advantage of the fact that the residents will be on vacation during this Holy Week.

The director of the municipal corporation, Alberto Perea Marrufo, acknowledged that in “normal” times there are up to six robberies per day, most of them of homes, but during the holiday season this number triples.

For this reason, patrols and agents will implement operations in the popular neighborhoods, where most of these types of crimes take place, having as a main priority the red hot spots such as the Caribe, Las Américas, Proterritorio, Solidaridad, Forjadores, Adolfo López Mateos neighborhoods, among others.

Photo: Por Esto

He explained that every year families are advised to maintain communication with their neighbors to report any suspicious activity and thus prevent robberies. They should also secure doors and windows and avoid leaving valuables in sight or near windows.

Regarding home burglaries, what thieves take most are unsecured tools, gas tanks that are easy to transport, unsecured air conditioners, and televisions if they manage to get in.

He also recommended avoiding leaving electrical appliances plugged in to prevent fires.

However, he acknowledged that once the crime is committed, very few times do those affected report it because several days have passed since the theft was committed, and they discover it just after returning from their family trips.

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