Published On: Sat, Mar 25th, 2023

Quintana Roo women defend the important work of midwives in a National Forum

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March 23.- A group of women from Quintana Roo participated in the forum “Defense of traditional midwifery” held in Mexico City, in which they exposed its importance and great contribution to society.

Gracia Mariel Gutierrez Lara, a representative of the Coordinadora de Mujeres Mayas and the Casa de la Mujer Indígena de Felipe Carrillo Puerto (Coordination of Mayan Women and the House of Indigenous Women of Felipe Carrillo Puerto), expressed that it was a space to listen to the diversity of opinions within the framework of indigenous rights and of the women who are involved in this cultural practice.

She expressed that this was in relation to the draft Mexican official standard for the practice of traditional, community, and professional midwifery; criteria for the regulation of labor, delivery, and recovery rooms, among others, in which they do not agree that someone wants to regulate their work.

In addition, the forum denounced the systematic violations (norms, reforms, and rules of operation at different institutional levels) of the rights of midwives in the exercise of their community work, and those of women to decide where, how and with whom to give birth.

Personalities from indigenous communities were gathered at the forum.
The forum was held by the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH), with the participation of different personalities from indigenous communities in other states of the country.

In the case of the entity, she added that there were two women from the municipality of Benito Juárez, two from Felipe Carrillo Puerto, among them one from the community of Polyuc and one from the municipal capital, who listened to the points of view of the participants, but also presented their ideas.

“We had the participation of traditional midwives from different states of the Republic, authorities from the National Human Rights Commission, the National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health of the Federal Health Secretariat, the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples, as well as researchers from different universities.”

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