Published On: Wed, Jul 29th, 2020

Quintana Roo must invest in the conservation and regeneration of its natural assets: SUSTENTUR

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“The process that the Riviera Maya is experiencing as a result of COVID-19 is a milestone that will mark the region’s path in terms of adaptation to climate change and other environmental and world issues. Although the pandemic had caused impacts that exceeded any foreseeable scenario, over time it has become clear that it originated from environmental malpractices that we have reproduced for years”, said Vicente Ferreyra, CEO of Sustentur.

He stressed that the private sector has the opportunity and responsibility to take actions that prevent a similar crisis in the future, including recognizing the value of ecosystems for the protection of tourism and investing in solutions based on nature preservation.

“It is time to invest in the conservation and regeneration of natural assets that allow us to benefit economically from the region. Only this long-term vision will make sustainable tourism possible in the Riviera Maya,” he said.

It is absolutely necessary to protect coral reefs, jungle areas, wetlands, and seagrasses, which allow the development of tourism activity: “Investment in these solutions is a necessity and a global trend.”

For Ferreyra Acosta, the health crisis is also a time to rethink the course of destiny, especially in the face of an uncertain future.

“The current context makes us reflect on the need to rethink and plan for the future the type of tourism we want. Due to the new conditions of coexistence, it must be sustainable, taking into consideration the conservation of natural resources and the involvement of rural communities, ” he said.

“The work of private companies on issues of climate change and ecosystem-based adaptation reduces the risk perceived by investors and allows them to access financial resources that help them in post-COVID-19 economic reconstruction, as well as in strengthening the tourism sector in the near future”, Ferreyra Acosta concluded.

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