Published On: Thu, Feb 6th, 2020

Puerto Morelos is Cancun’s best kept secret

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If you think you already know what Cancun is all about and have decided it’s not for you, wait! Puerto Morelos is just as accessible but far more charming and exclusive than downtown Cancun.

There’s something really quite magical about traveling to a well-known area and still finding something special.

I went to Cancun, Mexico, as a young and wild tourist in search of sun, sand and tequila. The resort and busy streets faded behind a vacation hangover of good memories and snapshots taken on an actual camera, with film!

But now as a (sadly) older and (hopefully) wiser traveler I set forth to Cancun with a slight detour in mind.

This time I headed for Puerto Morelos. Located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen on a private enclave, I found myself arriving at the perfectly tranquil 144-all-suite Grand Residences Riviera Cancun resort.

For a daytrip to remember you simply have to take a dip in a cenote. After taking a big breath, I took a little running jump and descended down, down, down into the deepest cool waters of the cenote at Cenotes Zapote Ecopark.

Swimming here feels so exhilarating and a wee bit scary, in a good way. They also have ziplines on the property and a traditional Mexican dining experience.




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