Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

Puerto Morelos fosters enterpreneurship and promotes business creation

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Committed to entrepreneurs and innovators in the country’s youngest municipality, the Puerto Morelos administration, headed by Laura Fernández Piña, in coordination with the Federal and State governments, provides certainty. consultancy and training, with the objective of promoting new business plans.

In this sense, the first municipal authority announced the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (Innovación y Emprendimiento) course, the federal program “Mexico Connected Points” (Puntos México Conectado), aimed at entrepreneurs who will receive advice on how to develop projects based on creativity. The course starts next January 14, at the “José María Morelos” town hall.

On the other hand, Laura Fernandez pointed out that the economic development engine of the 11th municipality of Quintana Roo is undoubtedly tourism, but the geographical location of Puerto Morelos allows to explore more areas of growth, such as agriculture, livestock and beekeeping, in addition, to commerce of course.

Fernández explained that the 2016-2018 administration she heads aims to grow the various sectors of the local economy, as well as supporting national projects such as the installation of the “Southeast Logistics Center” (Centro de Logística del Sureste) in Puerto Morelos, which will be a platform for the distribution of goods to islands of the Caribbean, and other countries of Central and South America.

laura-fernandez“Puerto Morelos is fertile ground for the opening of new micro and small businesses, for all enterpreneurs seeking to grow professionally through leadership and innovation, in order to strengthen their family economy and contribute to the economic growth of the municipality,” said Laura Fernandez.

In this regard, she added that the municipality promises not only to diversify the economy within the tourism industry, but to become a historic watershed that will give local and regional producers certainty that their products will be bought.

Adriana Nava Gómez, director general of Economic Development of the municipality, said that the training courses are a fundamental tool for entrepreneurs and innovators to consolidate their businesses.

She also said that the municipal government works in the management of resources in coordination with the State Secretariat of Economic Development (SEDE), through the “Credit to Your Word” (Crédito a tu palabra) program, to support micro and small businesses, in addition to the openings that the National Institute of Entrepreneurs (Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor: Inadem), will be offering in this municipality.


Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo (Photo: Palco Quintanarroense)




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