Published On: Fri, Jun 2nd, 2017

Puerto Morelos bans pets on the beach

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Officials of the Zofemat prohibit dogs in the sandy areas.

CANCUN — Puerto Morelos no longer allows the entrance of dogs to the beach, as increasing numbers of visitors with pets was becoming a problem.

“Cancun has a Pet Frendly beach, but not all day long; it has a schedule to allow and forbid the entrance of pets, and Playa del Carmen has an absolute restriction to pets getting on the beach, so all bathers were going to Puerto Morelos, which generated that the pets were there every day all day”, explained Martín Asunción Martín Martín, director of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (Zofemat).

“The Animal Protection Law has already been signed and in the regulations it states that it is forbidden for animals to be in the sand or enter the sea, as this also affects the ecosystem,” he added.

(Photo: Google)

(Photo: Google)

Each entrance to the beach has a sign, and those who enter the sand with their pets will receive a first call so that they must leave the premises, and if they stay they would receive an economic fine, although the purpose is not to fine people, but to create an awareness of a coexistence following the regulations.

The pets can enter the sand with their owner with a leash and only to walk; at no time they can lay on the sand, besides that they should not disturb other bathers.

“We noticed that the dogs entered without a leash and mainly disturbed the children who came to spend a pleasant time, which is not right,” Martín Martín said.

For now, Puerto Morelos looks for green certifications and even the Blue Flag, but we will analyze the possibility of having a beach exclusively for dogs (with the necessary restrictions), as it is already happening in Cancun.

The tourist destinations are receiving more visitors who arrive with pets and looking to spend time with them, so airlines, hotels, shopping plazas and even restaurants have become pet friendly, and more inclusive with this market segment.




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