Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

Presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya concerened about U.S. guns “flooding” Mexico

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As part of Anaya’s morning conferences, the candidate of the coalition For Mexico to the Front, Ricardo Anaya Cortés, said that if elected President, he will focus on a “respectful” bilateral relationship with the United States.

He claimed he will seek to build a relationship with our northern neighbor based on mutual respect and added that, similar to the concern the United States has regarding security and immigration, Mexico is equally worried about gun trafficking.

U.S. guns are used in crimes across Mexico
Mexico’s legal market for guns is tightly restricted, yet the number of murders committed with a gun rose from 15% in 1997 to roughly 66% in 2017.

“As President, I will put this topic at the center of the agenda with the United States. We’re concerned about them flooding our country with their guns,” said Anaya.

Among his other proposals, the presidential candidate is proposing the creation of an Autonomous Ministry of Security, working independently from the Ministry of the Interior, in order to reduce violence rates in the country.

He stated it was a mistake to incorporate the Ministry of Security to the Ministry of the Interior, as the latter oversees political issues, not matters of public security.

Anaya also took the opportunity to reveal the five core items of his plan to change the country:

  • A new political regime and a new democracy for the citizens,
    Honesty to fight corruption and ensure the social contract of the future,
    A “farewell to fear, Mexico in peace,” as he dubbed his program to fight insecurity,
    Economic growth and equality, in which the candidate proposes reforms to the tax policy and development projects, “Mexico in the world,” which includes Mexico’s relationship with the U.S., the European Union, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, and more.




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