Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2017

Pollution-free industry seeks to break into Q. Roo

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It is a segment that includes mechanical workshops, blacksmithing or carpentry.

CANCUN — The industrial sector is still struggling to open the doors to clean industry, or the industry “without chimneys”, as previous administrations have left manufacturing aside; so far the current government has shown no interest despite projects that could benefit tourism and generate more jobs in the state, said Isaac Reza, President of the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce.

The industrial sector of Quintana Roo is still struggling to be granted a space for an industrial park. In the last three administrations, there was no interest from the government and on one occasion the Confederation hired the La Salle University to do a project where the feasibility was analyzed for an industrial park without chimneys or without contaminants, such as mechanical workshops, blacksmiths and carpentry firms.

One of the problems is the place, because the land is unsafe, very expensive or is property of Ejidos.

Cancun’s hotels buy many items that could be produced locally from firms outside Quintana Roo.

Governments have not had this vision to carry out manufacturing activities for the hotel sector, the main industry that need doors, tiles, furniture in Quintana Roo. Currently, none of these needs is met locally, as these items are produced in the center and north of Mexico and other countries, said the businessman.

The last figures of the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (Inegi) are from 2010 because there has been no progress in the State in this economic sector. It is highlighted that in Yucatan, these companies represent 22% of commercial activity, while in Quintana Roo only 7% are dedicated to this activity.

At the national level, the largest number of workers in these companies is in Chihuahua with 49%, while in Quintana Roo only 5% work in these industries.




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