Published On: Sun, May 3rd, 2020

Political party launches petition to revoke Otoniel Segovia as mayor

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Rafael Rivera Aburto, a citizen of Chetumal, launched a campaign to collect signatures for the power revocation of Othón P. Blanco substitute mayor, Otoniel Segovia.

Rivero Aburto is the municipal coordinator of the Movimiento Ciudadano political party in Othón P. Blanco, and has launched his petition through the digital platform, as the means to gather signatures that allow the removal of Segovia Martínez.

The petition stems from the poor performance of the mayor, which is affecting the municipal government and the people of Chetumal”, Rivero Aburto said.

“It is time to say it: Otoniel Segovia Martínez, with his policies, has become one of the worst municipal presidents in the whole country and a danger to the people of Othón P. Blanco”, the leader of Movimiento Ciudadano stated.

Either it’s economy, public services, health, animal abuse, fires, garbage dump, streets, public lighting, security, environment, you name it, nothing is being done and things are getting out of control,” Rivero Aburto concluded.

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