Published On: Sun, Oct 10th, 2021

Police officer executed on Playa’s Fifth Avenue

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During the night of this Saturday, October 9, two hitmen executed a police officer member of the Playa del Carmen tourist police.

The police agent died after being riddled with firearms by two subjects when he was inside a guardhouse located at the intersection of 38th and Fifth Avenue, in Playa del Carmen’s Centro neighborhood.

The policeman, who was identified as Roberto Carlos “N”, 25, was intercepted there by his attackers.

According to the first reports, those responsible arrived there on a motorcycle. Later one of them got out of the unit and walked inside the booth to shoot the agent at point-blank range.

According to those who witnessed the crime, the two subjects escaped in the direction of 10th Avenue and later their trail was completely lost in the Zasil-Ha, Centro, and Gonzalo Guerrero neighborhoods. The municipal, ministerial, and National Guard (GN) authorities implemented an operation but at the moment no detentions have been reported for these events.

Given the lack of ambulances in the municipality, the uniformed men transferred the wounded man onboard a patrol car. At the hospital, doctors were already waiting for the victim, they admitted her to the shock room; where minutes later they told the police that her colleague no longer had vital signs.

Due to these events, the secretary of Public Security and Municipal Traffic, Raúl Tassinari condemned the murder of a police officer who was fulfilling his duty and said that an operation was implemented to search for those responsible.

“What happened is due to a cowardly response from crime, unscrupulous people who only seek to create chaos in the municipality, to the work we are doing for a safer Solidarity,” said the secretary.

He also informed that the family of agent Roberto Carlos will have the full support of the City Council and the agency.


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