Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2019

Playa del Carmen: Tourist nearly drowns after becoming trapped in sargassum (VIDEO)

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PLAYA DEL CARMEN.- According to information from local media, a tourist was just about to drown in ​​Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. The incident was caught on video and it quickly went viral on social networks.

As everybody knows, one of the main problems that threatens the beautiful beaches of Quintana Roo is the massive arrival of sargasso. The seaweed is being removed with tractors and with amphibious pumps, which represent an obstacle for the bathers and the boats that provide the sport fishing service.


Swimming “under the influence”
Presumably, the tourist was under the influence of alcohol when she decided to go into the sea, in an area totally covered with large amounts of sargasso. Obviously, she got entangled in the seaweed and began to drown.

Fortunately, other tourists and locals at the site known as “El Recodo”, became aware of the situation, and immediately called the 911 emergency number.

The video shows how a young man in red trunks drags the woman out of the water, and then members of the rescue team from the Solidaridad municipal government arrive on site to provide medical attention to the victim.

So far, no more information has been revealed by authorities about the tourist’s identity.

The Riviera Maya Times Newsroom with information from Quadratin



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