Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

Playa del Carmen hotels receive training in new system that locates tourists in case of hurricanes

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PLAYA DEL CARMEN — At least 30 hotels took the first hurricane-season training in regards to the Guest Locator system usage, which will contain all the guests’ names and their location in case a weather phenomenon hits the coasts of the state.

The tourism director, Clementina del Tejo Corral, stated that the information system is already available, and that all hotels have to verify their accessibility to it. Otherwise, they must report to the Secretariat of Tourism to receive a password.

The Guest Locator was created after hurricane Wilma hit Quintana Roo in 2005. However, there has been no need to activate it since then. The system comes into operation before a meteorological phenomenon reaches the coast, but it functions right at the moment in which the committees are installed –especially for tourists, since they open the platform.

Tourists at Riviera Maya Photo: Posta

Tourists at Riviera Maya
Photo: Posta

Every hotel has its own password and user names for each of their guests. When accessing to the system, they enter the names of all their registered guests, as well as their country of origin. In case the hotel is not a refuge itself and has to transport its visitors, they must specify to which other accommodation center they will be taken.

“They can be rapidly located in case they are being looked for by people from their countries. The hotel’s reception personnel is the one that usually registers their guests on this system. Therefore, due to the recruitment of new personnel each year, this training is given, so that they know that this system is a way of prevention”, mentioned del Tejo Corral.

The first training session of this guest localization system was held May 31. However, it is expected that The Riviera Maya Hotel Association does another one later this season. If necessary, a third one would be performed just like last year.

The Riviera Maya Hotel Association, which began prevention works to deal with hurricane season since May 10 this year, predicted that tourists who will visit the Riviera Maya in the next six months will be between 1.5 and 2 million people.

Source: SIPSE



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