Published On: Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017

Playa del Carmen: a Cultural Tourism Destination

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Learn more about Mexico’s culture and its ancient Mayan heritage (and you don’t have to leave Playa to do it). Playa is home to three sites of ruins, two right in the middle of town.

The first is a small building located on 2nd Street, between 5th Avenue and the beach. The second in-town site is just off 5th Avenue in the center of town.

While very small, the ruins sit on a small park that features a small fresh-water cenote. A larger display can be found close to the entrance of the Playacar development in the south part of town.

But you can enjoy contemporary culture in Playa del Carmen too! Spend the day in a rather unconventional art gallery—Playa itself.

The town is filled with hundreds of murals many of which are gallery-worthy in quality. Offering up everything from stunning portraits to colorful Day of the Dead-inspired graphics, it’s definitely worth a stroll.





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