Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

Plastic bottle found inside a fish in Yucatán goes viral on social networks

Hector Oxte, a Yucatecan fisherman and his colleagues were stunned after capturing a dogfish (cazón) and finding a plastic bottle inside it, at the time of gutting it, on Friday, August 30 in Celestún, Yucatán.

Through his Facebook account, Hector said that it is the first time that they encounter something of this magnitude, so he urged citizens to become aware of the high level of pollution in the oceans and coasts throughout the world, and do something about it.

“For the first time we had to witness a shocking finding of this type, when opening the stomach of a dogfish we found a bottle of yogurt that was in the animal’s crop” he wrote.

“Please friends, residents of the coast, let us be aware of this serious situation, do not litter our seas because we live from the sea and take care of it is our responsibility, let’s be responsible,” he concluded.

The finding quickly went viral on social networks and it is a fact that invites us all to reflect and tkae a stand aainst pollution, by avoidin to throw any type of waste into the ocean, or on the beach.

Celestún is located 106 kilometers (65 miles) west of Mérida, Yucatán. (INEGI)

The Riviera Maya Times Newsroom with information from YA



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