Published On: Sun, Mar 17th, 2019

Plastic bags and straws will soon be officially banned in the state of Yucatan

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The initiative sent by Governor Mauricio Vila, with the purpose of modifying the Law for the Integral Management of Waste and eliminating the use of plastic bags and straws in Yucatan, is already being analyzed in the State Congress.

In the legislative committee of Environment, its president, Harry Rodriguez Botello Fierro, requested the opinion of the proposal and informed that the technical file was sent to the members of the collegiate body since last Friday, March 8.

According to the initiative, the straws and plastic bags would be eliminated in bars, restaurants and convenience stores, within a year, and those that are dedicated to selling them in a period of 18 months. Bsides, the state government will empower the municipalities to generate awareness programs regarding the use of these materials.

In addition, the initiative proposes to empower the State Executive to create public policies tending to this process, as well as the corresponding sanctions.

This initiative was presented by Governor Mauricio Vila in the presentation of the strategy “Towards a Yucatan without solid waste”, to migrate towards a society that substitutes disposable plastic bags and straws for options that take care of the environment, such as those composed of  biodegradable materials.

If the initiative is approved, which was prepared jointly with business chambers, civil society organizations and society in general, it is expected that its total application will occur gradually over a two-year period.

Biodegraable straws (Photo:

In the first stage, it will act on archaeological zones, cenotes and protected areas, since due to the soil conditions and the aquifer mantle that surround them, as well as the existence of large extensions of coastline and mangroves, they become zones of high vulnerability, and these natural resources, that are of great importance, need to be preserved.

Subsequently, it is expected that bars, restaurants, convenience stores start generating less polluting inputs, until plastic-derived objects and utensils are totally eliminated.

In parallel, the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (SDS) and the 106 municipalities of the state will be responsible for the development of permanent awareness and implementation programs that reduce the consumption of disposables.

The amendment to the Law for the Integral Management of Waste implies the reform of six articles and three transitories.

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