Published On: Sun, Feb 21st, 2021

Plane flying from Cancun to Houston loses engine over the Gulf of Mexico

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The report made through official social networks generated commotion among the passengers’ relatives on board the Boeing 737 aircraft.

CANCUN, Q. Roo.- (Times Media Mexico) – The Agencia de Monitoreo Atmosférico Global (AMAG), Global Atmospheric Monitoring Agency, operated by the Instituto de Investigaciones Geológicas y Atmosféricas A.C., reported a flight emergency recorded this Saturday on a United Airlines aircraft covering the Cancun-Houston route.

“Flight #UA1832 of #UnitedAirlines with route Cancun, Mexico – Houston, USA, has declared an emergency in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The reasons are unknown. The aircraft is a Boeing 737. More information in a few hours,” the agency said.

The report, which was made through the official social networks, generated commotion among the families of the passengers who were onboard the Boeing 737 aircraft.

Minutes later, AMAG detailed that it had lost the exact location of United Airlines flight UA1832, noting the loss in altitude.

“In the last few minutes, the exact location of #UA1832 flight #UA1832 of #UnitedAirlines has been lost, the position can only be estimated until contact is regained, a loss in altitude of the flight has been observed. The flight has been diverted to New Orleans Airport, USA, it noted.

Subsequently, it was indicated that the flight situation had become more complicated, so an emergency declaration was made due to the loss of an engine when the Boeing 737 was flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

Finally, AMAG reported that United Airlines flight UA1832 had successfully landed at New Orleans International Airport and that two assistance vehicles were on hand to assist the crew and passengers.

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