Published On: Sun, Apr 19th, 2020

Pirates raid ships in the Gulf of Mexico

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GULF OF MEXICO (Reforma) – While the authorities are busy mitigating the spread of coronavirus in the Mexican sea, there are reports of attacks robberies against ships. And for the second week in a row, “pirates” have been robbing boats in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the Reforma newspaper, an armed commando aboard outboard motorboats surprised two boats, attacked the crew, and took several articles.

According to reports, one of the assaults was against a Mexican-flagged supply ship – the Buccaneer – sailing in the Campeche waters. Testimonies indicate that at least five suspects surprised the crew about five nautical miles from the Dos Bocas Maritime Terminal.

Similarly, the ship Telford 28 was attacked and robbed 25 kilometers from the port of Isla del Carmen, also in Campeche.

In this case, one of the crew members was injured – it is known that there were 300 people, among them sailors and workers.

According to the Secretary of the Navy, there are no protocols for ships to avoid these assaults by pirates. According to a source at Reforma, if the raids continue, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) could analyze the situation and declare the Campeche Sound as a piracy zone as has happened in countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, or Malaysia.

Source: TYT



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