Published On: Sat, Oct 6th, 2018

Peña Nieto and First-Lady Angélica Rivera file for divorce, report

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According to renowned Mexican journalist Salvador García Soto, columnist for El Universal, President Enrique Peña Nieto and first lady, Angélica Rivera, began divorce proceedings to end their marriage.

The procedure will formalize “a separation and distancing that takes time”, says the journalist and author of “Serpientes y Escaleras”.

With the move already in the works to the private residence from Los Pinos, Mexico’s presidential residence, also comes the news that the First-couple have formally begun divorce proceedings that would formalize a separation and estrangement that takes time. So with the end of his presidency, the fairy tale will also end, according to Salvador García Soto.

The last appearance of the presidential couple was at the September 15 ceremony of El Grito de Independencia in the National Palace.

Shortly before, two episodes in the life of the couple made headlines in the press. The first, a trip by Angélica Rivera with her daughters to Paris. And the second, when the older First-Daughter got a tattoo at the Official Residence of Los Pinos. Both episodes were criticized in social networks.

Enrique Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera were married in November 2010.

Source: PVDN with information from El Universal



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