Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2017

Owners of hotels illegally stripped in Tulum seek to recover them

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After almost nine years of the first illegal dispossession, the owners of hotels and estates seek to recover their properties. They expect help from the new government of Quintana Roo who already investigates the former governor.

Owners of the 44 deprived hotels in Tulum, during Roberto Borge’s administration, seek to recover their properties with help from the current administration, Reforma newspaper reported on Monday Feb. 6th.

Former Governor Roberto Borge at a press conference during its mandate (Photo: Animal Político)

According to information given to the Mexican newspaper by Eddie Villa Real, representative of the Association of Colonos Hoteleros Ecológicos de Pino Suárez AC, the current representatives of the government of Quintana Roo – led by Carlos Joaquín González – are supporting them to find a quick way for the repossession of their property.

In Borge’s term (2011-2016), magistrates, judges, actuaries, state and municipal officials were part of a network that stripped 44 hotels and 19 lots in Tulum using false documents and leases.

Eddie Villa Real informed newspaper Reforma that among the officials who helped to dispossess properties with a total value of 615 million dollars are the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the State, Fidel Villanueva Rivero; the director of the Public Registry of Property, Carlos Lima Carbajal; The first civil judge of Playa del Carmen, Gustavo Efrain Chan Camaal and the actuary María Elena Anaya Reyes.

Hotel dispossession in Tulum began in 2008 with the eviction of the Hotel Ocho Tulum through a false lease trial. In June 2016, the newspaper Reforma published the case of 17 hotels and three beaches that were violently evicted in the same way with a court order issued through an illegal oral trial using counterfeit contracts.

According to an investigation by Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity, in addition to the dispossession of hotels in Tulum, condominiums and luxury apartments were embargoed in Cancun which were later sold at half price to public officials during the Borge administration.

The officials were allegedly looking to legalize acts through false documentation. The complaints from the businessmen affected reached Governor Borge but he only responded by creating a dialogue table in which former Labor Secretary Patricio Peña and Undersecretary Enrique de la Cruz Pineda participated.

The hoteliers are currently waiting for their lands to be reinstated, and former Governor Roberto Borge is apparently under investigation for embezzlement in the amount of 25 billion pesos (1.2 billion USD).




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