Published On: Sat, Sep 29th, 2018

OPINION: Trump the comedian and Peña the vengeful

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Trump and Peña are two different presidents but very similar in their absurdity levels.

Donald Trump is the nude emperor marching before the world while “his people” flatter him.
“Nice new suit Mr. President” say his surrogates and lackeys while he shows his miserable nudity. (Just as in the “Emperor’s new clothes” tale)

Meanwhile “young and handsome” Enrique turned out to be incompetent, rotten inside and with a very limited intelect.
His “Reforms” were successful only for those who were part of his administration, such as Nancy Sanchez.

PRI Lawmaker, she defended the Value Added Tax raise from 11 to 16% all over the MEX-USA border.

Now she weeps because President Elect Lopez Obrador will create a border Free Zone excluding some cities.

She says that it’s “very sad” that Ensenada and San Felipe are excluded from the Free Zone declaration.

She forgets that her party (PRI) raised the tax from 11 to 16% in all the border zone: Selective memory?
Absurd as the “Back to basics” call made by her party’s President, former President Salinas’s niece.

The PRI origin is a fratricide war, an Empire set by the “Sonora group” and many people murdered.
The PRI origin means three name changes, the 1968 “Olympic killings”, and Joe and Lou devaluations.
PRI boasts to have created “national institutions”, and chooses to omit its corrupt and repressive ways.
Now the end is near and Peña Nieto will have his revenge against States where his party is not ruling.
He limits the money flow to those States in his personal vengeance, his bitter answer top July 1st results.
While people don’t know whether to laugh or cry with Peña’s “good” job, Trump makes the world laugh.
Both were at the UN, but it was Trump who caught the world attention, people laughed at him.
His classic speech, achievements and success, which only he sees, made people laugh all over the world.
Both of them have dwarf minds, people wonder which one is less capable of reasoning and . . . it’s a tie.

Henry and Donnie, Trump and Peña, Mexico and the USA tied to their Presidential mental limitations.
Henry, in his last State of the Union reached unsuspected heights of cynicism and hypocrisy.
Donald immerged in an introspection which he deems as reality makes the world tremble.
Both are very limited within their minds, Trump is worst because he rues the most powerful country.
Henry, vengeful, millionaire who will soon enjoy the “fruit” of his “job”, Trump keeps going insane.




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