Published On: Thu, Apr 12th, 2018

Old Cancún dumpster burns down

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On Thursday April 12, a fire in the old garbage dump of the city of Cancun was reported to the emergency number 911.

According to preliminary information, the events were recorded on the peripheral ring, near the Azul Bonampak complex, reports indicate that the causes of the accident are due to the burning of tires.

The heroic Fire Department of Cancun arrived to the place to put out the fire. The accident allegedly started by the burning of tires. So far the authorities still are not certain of what is the true reason.

Photo: OEM

Police reports indicate that firefighters have already used around 120,000 liters of water to suffocate the fire, but apparently it still on.

This is the second accident that is registered in the same dump during the year, since on January there was also a burning of tires that caused several hectares of forest to be consumed by fire.

Source: SIPSE



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