Published On: Sat, Jan 12th, 2019

New bicycle path will be opened in Playa del Carmen

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Javier Resendiz, director of Bicineta, reported that for two months he has been managing a project of recreational bike paths that exist in many parts of the world, where the concept is to open the roads so that people can travel on them either by bicycle, walking, on skates , skateboard or jogging, in order to have a safe, controlled space in the open air, where the transit of motor vehicles is not allowed, in this way the citizens will have a recreational, healthy way of activating physically, in addition to linking this space with art , culture and environmental care.


The project, which would start on January 20, has international advice. “We chose Constituyentes Avenue, since it is the central axis of this route that goes approximately 4.5 kilometers in a round trip starting from the 15th avenue, managing to cross the Federal highway”.

“We have had some conflicting points with some government agencies, because they show their concern to close the federal highway, but this is not the case, since we are proposing to regulate the vehicular flow, not to close it down. It will be citizens who move around on bikes, roller skates or skateboards that will help us to regulate the passing traffic, “he said.

The members of Bicineta have been known for their nightly rides every Wednesday at Plaza 28 de Julio starting at 7:45 p.m, for the past six years in Playa del Carmen, Their purpose is to link society with the cyclist movement, creating community, strengthening social ties, promoting family values and providing advice on how they can circulate in the roads according to the Traffic Laws and Regulations.

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