Published On: Sat, Jul 24th, 2021

Negative COVID-19 test results will be required to enter shopping centers in Quintana Roo

QUINTANA ROO, (July 23, 2021).- Carlos Joaquin, governor of Quintana Roo, said in a news conference that the new policy of the “program access secure and open spaces” will require proof of coronavirus (COVID-19) negative test result at any commercial space in the state to prevent infections.

Through the state edition “Enlace Ciudadano”, the governor of Quintana Roo commented that the negative test that must be presented may be antigens, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), or the COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued by health authorities.

“Businesses should redouble biosecurity measures, and (in age groups that are already possible), check that employees are vaccinated. Likewise, the employees of the shops must also present their negative test to carry out activities “ .

Governor Carlos Joaquin

Negative test in Quintana Roo

  • The establishments will not be able to receive more clients after 10:30 p.m.
  • Open spaces should be “privileged” and air purifying filters installed

Carlos Joaquín stressed that the authorities of Quintana Roo have detected parties that do not respect capacity in several tourist boats, so operations will be carried out to dismantle these events, in order to avoid more infections between foreigners and nationals.

The governor of Quintana Roo asserted that the biosecurity measures, including the presentation of a negative COVID-19 test, are aimed at the economic recovery of the Caribbean entity, which mainly obtains income from intense tourist activities.

In addition to the negative test

He said it will strengthen the following steps:

  • Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccination in All Age Groups
  • Promote safe access and open spaces in restaurants and hotels

He said that surveillance will be increased on ferries, yachts, tourist boats, and marinas; avoid meetings in which prevention measures are relaxed; close roads and main avenues at night; continue with the negative test program in the cities of Quintana Roo.

Source: Uno tv



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