Published On: Sat, May 20th, 2017

Natural attractions of Yucatan are appealing to Mexican travelers

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They point out that it isn’t necessary to leave Mexico to find great natural sites like cenotes.

MERIDA — In the United States, the marketing organization, Brand USA, warns about the fall of trips to that country by Mexicans after the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House. But in Yucatan, businesswoman Lucelly del Carmen Ucán Caamal says that it is not necessary to go abroad when we have stunning natural wonders, such as the more than four thousand cenotes that offer unique experiences.

Flamingos at Celestun Lagoon, with the Mangrove in the back (Photo: Google)

Flamingos at Celestun Lagoon, with the Mangrove in the back (Photo: Google)

In response of the downturn in Mexican tourism that is important in the United States, Brand USA has intensified its promotional campaign to attract Mexicans and international travelers to visit their country with the slogan: “We welcome you, even if it may seem like President Donald Trump doesn’t”.

This is because right behind Canada, Mexico is the second country with the largest number of visitors to the U.S. After the increase in the difficulties to obtain a visa, for Mexicans and other Latin people, many Mexicans have opted to discover the wonders of their own country.

Ucán Caamal pointed out that in the municipalities of Cuzamá and Homún, we have more than 4,500 cenotes registered, that is to say that there are so many options to enjoy not only the holiday seasons, but also one-day trips that leave unforgettable experiences.




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