Published On: Mon, Nov 23rd, 2020

Myths and truths about tubal ligation

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Many women around the world decide to have a tubal ligation once they have all the children they wanted or, in some cases, when they do not desire to become mothers. Either of these reasons is valid but it is important to have a deep understanding of this procedure, how is it done, the risks, and all the myths surrounding it. It is not a complicated surgery but it is, in many cases, a decision that can change your life forever in the sense that prevents any pregnancy. That is why we will explain to you everything you need to know about tubal ligation in this article.

1. It is reversible

This procedure is a permanent method of birth control. It is irreversible because, during the procedure, the doctor will cut your fallopian tubes or have them blocked with the help of clips. Once you had this surgery, you may experience some of the following:

  • Cramping
  • Soreness in the abdominal area
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

On the other hand, you must be aware that this procedure is not effective when it comes to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. Tubal ligation’s only objective is to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

2. Tubal ligation can cause cancer

This is completely false. There is no connection between having a tubal ligation and having cancer. Some experts believe it helps to lower the probabilities of developing this illness. There are not many studies done to investigate this relation but so far, there have not been any patients who developed cancer after deciding to not have children anymore.

3. Your ovulation process will be damaged

An egg will still be released every month, so your ovulation process will continue as normal even if you have a tubal ligation. You must not forget that this procedure can’t harm the eggs you will produce after it.

4. It can get you in early menopause

You do not have to worry about developing early menopause because you will keep your uterus and ovaries. These are the two organs that have control of the monthly cycle you will still have.

The correct process of menstruation is done by hormones, not by the fallopian tubes. So, it will not matter if you decide to cut your fallopian tubes, you will have your period regularly.

5. Your sex drive will diminish

Your sex life can have a true improvement after this surgery since you do not have to worry about getting pregnant. There is no relation between undergoing a tubal ligation and losing your sex drive. It is recommended to suspend any sexual activities during the recovery process after the surgery but after this, you will have a normal sex life.


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