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Myths about butt lift that you must know

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In addition to the butt lift exercise, it’s no surprise the surgery helps avoid waiting so long and lifts them quickly. Therefore, many women have decided to have this surgery due to the gluteal area; it might be the most difficult zone to develop. As we get older, the skin changes, and becomes hard to keep it steady, that is another reason to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon for a butt lift.

You can have this type of surgery in case of having trouble stopping the looser skin and if you are a candidate for it. However, as in other kinds of surgery, there are myths about the procedure that you must know.

Myths about butt lift

In case of thinking to make a butt lift, you must be sure and informed about the procedure. In addition to the information that you will get in this article, it is recommended to consult a specialist to understand deeply the results and risks.

  • Thing women should not procedure

It can be possible for thin women to undergo this procedure, but it is necessary to visit a plastic surgeon before knowing the risks. If a thin woman wants a butt lift, she must have enough additional fat to be removed and reinjected into the buttocks.

  • It is a very complex intervention

Like breast implants, the butt lift is a simple procedure and does not need special care, except to avoid sleep or lean on the side or side to avoid opening the scar where they were inserted.

  • High-risk surgery

As with many other procedures, a butt lift can be risky. Therefore, it is important to have this procedure with a plastic surgeon qualified for it. If the surgeon has no experience, the risks of the procedure are high due to they could inject fat too deeply.

  • Results do not last

It is a fact that once you undergo a butt lift procedure, the results will last for many years or decades. In case of noticing that results are not lasting, the reason is that something during and after the procedure went wrong. A possible factor can be when cells were damaged, causing not accurate results.

  • Butt lift leaves marks impossible to remove

As we mentioned before, a butt lift is a simple procedure, so marks are minimal. It is normal if in the first weeks you see bruises in the intervened area, these marks will disappear as soon as possible.

  • Visible results hours after the procedure

We must wait some weeks at least so that the inflammation has completely subsided and you might be able to see some changes and results.

Let’s remember how important it is to know if we are candidates for this procedure with a butt lift specialist. Not because you find a cheap procedure, it means that it is good, it is advisable to make sure that both the clinic and the plastic surgeon are a good option.


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