Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

More Luxury Development in Tulum

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Tags contributor Jim Dobson profiles new developments in the luxury hotel scene in Tulum.

Early this summer, along the Caribbean beach paradise of Tulum, chaos shook the famed tourist destination to its core. More than 16 hotels, shops and private residences were evacuated by force after a lengthy legal battle with the government over property rights.

View of Tulum's Jashita Hotel, where one luxury penthouse suite rents for $12,000 a night. (PHOTO:

View of Tulum’s Jashita Hotel, where one luxury penthouse suite rents for $12,000 a night. (PHOTO:

Despite the shock to this hip, bohemian town, the future is slowing starting to look up for this popular destination on the Mexican Riviera. While negotiations are continuing with the government and Judges are beginning to reverse several evictions, development in the area is booming.

I was recently in Tulum for a friend’s birthday celebration, and almost every hotel was sold out. This was hardly the gloomy, boarded up town I was expecting to see. To be fair there were businesses and livelihoods horribly affected by the evictions, but the tourists are still coming back in droves.

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