Published On: Fri, Jun 8th, 2018

Minecraft Coral Crafters will create and preserve coral reefs in Cozumel

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The Biorock technology of Minecraft applied in structures anchored to the bottom of the sea, will favor the formation of coral reefs off the shores of Cozumel.

For this, Minecraft, Xbox franchise, presented the program Minecraft Coral Crafters, an initiative that will help to create and preserve coral reefs in Cozumel, where they have suffered discoloration or whitening, as well as damage caused by hurricanes.

Coral reefs are home to around two million species (the equivalent to one quarter of all marine life) and, according to the World Wildlife Fund, almost one third of those that exist throughout the world are damaged and can not be repaired.  Currently, they are under threat due to several different factors such as climate change, illegal fishing methods and water pollution, just to name a few.

The Minecraft Coral Crafters program consists of anchoring steel structures with Biorock technology at the bottom of the sea, which stimulates the water surrounding the structure with low-voltage electric currents, causing the natural minerals at the bottom to undergo a process of crystallization and form a hard coating similar to the material where corals are formed naturally.


As part of the program, six different structures will be placed on Mexican beaches to help the coral areas of the region. The design of the first three structures is based on iconic Minecraft characters: Alex, Steve and a sea turtle, while the design of the remaining three will be in charge of society, divided as follows:

The Youtuber specialist in Minecraft, Rabahrex, together with students of the American Institute of Monterrey, created a design based on the Axolotl or Axolotl; an aquatic creature unique to Mexico, which has a fascinating ability to regenerate its own limbs and which is currently in danger of extinction.

Logdotzip has created three options and among them, is the latest design, which will be chosen according to the highest number of votes received via Facebook.

Xbox indicated that with this type of initiatives the company reiterates its commitment to the environment and society, while continuing to promote creativity and the use of programming through Minecraft.




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