Published On: Sat, Dec 19th, 2020

Mexico Leads the Gaming Market in Latin America

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Latin America’s gaming industry has been experiencing tremendous growth. Reports suggest that massive infrastructural improvements have contributed to increasing the demand for online games and eSports. The trend in other parts of America where punters enjoy their favorite games on JackpotCity online casino instead of going to land-based casinos is also catching up with the Latin Americans. Industry experts are of the opinion that it is among the fastest-growing markets in the world. 

The reports also reveal that Mexico is the leading market in Latin America in gaming revenues. It is also ranked as the 12th largest market worldwide. According to studies, Mexico has around 55.8 million players, who spent approximately 1.6 billion USD in 2018 and 1.8 billion USD in 2019. In 2020, the upward trend is expected to continue. 

Mexicans Love Traditional Consoles

A big chunk of the revenue came from the sale of consoles. Financial reports from Mexico suggest that 85% of the total gaming revenue came from the sale of traditional consoles. The reports also reveal that Mexico also leads in in-game sales in Latin America. Research on the market showed that 77% of gamers reported that they usually spend their money on in-game purchases. 

Mobile Gaming Is Prevalent In Mexico

Studies conducted to analyze the Mexican gaming market revealed that about 65% of men and 60% of women reported that they preferred playing games from their mobile devices. PC gaming came in second, with around 47% of men and 41% of women reporting that they access the games from their PC. Therefore, mobile gaming has played a significant role in the growth of the Mexican gaming market. 

Mexicans Have Also Embraced Esports

Reports emanating from the Latin American gaming industry suggest that more Mexicans take part in video game tournaments and others watch video game channels online. The growth of eSports was encouraged when the Mexican National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE) recognized the Mexican Federation of Esports (FEMES), meaning that they recognized Esports as a sport in Mexico. 

Consequently, Mexican clubs started embracing Esports. There are teams like the Chivas who have started competing at the professional level in Esports. The uptake of Esports in the country attracted other international Esports operators.

In April 2019, Cracken Esports arrived in Mexico. Cracken Esports has the capacity to host up to 300 tournaments at the same time. This is according to the company’s marketing director Rodrigo Villalon. He also revealed that the company was enthusiastic about offering rookie players an opportunity to showcase their talents and turn their passion into a job they can rely on. Their introduction to the Mexican market helped to open up the Mexican gaming market further. 


Generally, the Latin American gaming market is on the rise. The major contributors to the surge are friendly legislation and technological innovations. Currently, Mexico is leading the pack in terms of revenue collected from gaming. As the industry continues to flourish in the region, the Mexican gaming market expects to grow further. However, whether or not they stay on top will depend on how they continue developing their national infrastructure to attract more players. 




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