Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Mexico City earthquake triggers migration wave to Cancun

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Cancun, Q.R. — According to Riviera Maya News, concerns continue to grow as some worry a wave of migration may see the state overwhelmed with more people than work.

With the massively destructive earthquake of 1985, the city of Cancun became a migratory hub for those in need of work. Thousands arrived in hopes of gaining employment and creating a better life, however, the city no longer has the capacity to employ these types of workers.

Eloy Peniche Ruiz, president of the Business Coordinating Council says “We definitely do not have the capacity for thousands. We have job offers that are destined for the types of qualified people we have today. Unfortunately, I do not think we could accommodate large numbers of migratory people.”

He explained that there is a problem today because many of the people who would migrate to the area are not prepared to do the types of jobs that are being offered, noting that the jobs today require university.


Peniche Ruiz says that Cancun is no longer a receiving city even though jobs continue to be generated. The employment growth of Cancun, he explains, requires young people with completed university or technical careers that are able to fill the positions companies are offering.

He adds that those arriving from other places seeking work will be expected to meet these requirements, and sadly, would end up worse off then had they stayed in their place of origin

There was a time when Cancun was a destination with significant job growth and ample opportunities he says, but today it would be practically impossible for these types of migrants to support the arrival of their families as conditions have changed.





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