Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2017

Mexican “Lucha Libre” face off at the Riviera Maya

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RIVIERA MAYA, Q. Roo — The History of Lucha Libre, or Mexican professional wrestling, is intertwined with the history of Mexico as a country, mass media, and entertainment in general, we could say that Lucha Libre is probably the maximum expression of Mexican pop-culture.

In 1933, the so-called father of lucha libre, Salvador Lutteroth González, set up the Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (nowadays known as Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, or World Wrestling Council) and began promoting fights up and down the country.

The history of the infamous lucha libre masks supposedly dates back to the 1930s, when a wrestler by the name of El Ciclón McKey commissioned Don Antonio Martinez to make him a mask for his upcoming fight.

The mask proved wildly successful, almost impossible to pull off mid-fight, and left an indelible mark on the history of lucha libre, as well as spawning a wave of copycat enmascarados (masked wrestlers)Don Antonio Martinez’ original store is still in existence to this day and can be found near Mexico City’s Arena Mexico.

During the early 1950s, the beginning of the television era in Mexico, entire families used to gather up to watch the wrestling matches on TV.

In the 1990s, La Triple A was created by Mexico’s wreslting elite, they signed an exclusive contract with Televisa, one the country’s largest media companies, and a new era was born for the this industry.

Today, five editions of “Ring & Rock StAAArs” wrestling tournament have taken place in one of the most important tourist destinations worldwide, the Riviera Maya. And this year, the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean will witness the sixth edition on September 23.

Mexican air carrier “Magnicharters” is joining this great adventure, as their aircrafts will be personalized with amazing designs inspired on two famous Mexican wrestlers: “Psycho Clown” and “Dr. Wagner J.”, who will combat on this edition’s main event, and will also participate in “Triplemanía XXV”.


A wide array of activities will be carried out during the “Ring & Rock StAAArs 6” at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, including workshops where participants will be able to experience the adrenaline of facing a Lucha Libre wrestler inside a ring, among other activities.

Dorian Roldán Peña, Vice-president of Wrestling AAA Worldwide, declared: “Thanks to the great success of this event on previous editions, we are “ready to rumble” once again this year, offering a great experience for all Hard Rock Hotel guests and wrestling fans in the Riviera Maya”.

Ivan Vela, a representative of Magnicharters, said: “We are very pleased with this alliance with the Triple A, as we know Mexican wrestling is a cultural icon, and now Magnicharters has the opportunity to offer Lucha Libre fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”




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