Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

Mexican government paid entire $22 million USD bill for Cancun environmental conference

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Hosting the UN’s Biodiversity Conference in Cancún in December cost the Mexican taxpayers over 462 million pesos, or USD $22 million.

The cost of staging COP 13, as the event was called, was 50 million pesos more than the annual budget of Conanp, the agency whose role is the management of protected areas.

Obtained by the newspaper Reforma through an information request, the figures indicate that the federal government agreed to fund all the expenses incurred in the organization of the meeting.

Cancun arena was the main site for COP13, a UN environmental conference in December 2016.

Moon Palace was the main site for COP13, a UN environmental conference in December 2016.

They entailed the cost of working session venues, lodging, meals, security and other logistics, and the transportation of international government representatives participating in the series of conferences.

The Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, an all-inclusive facility with room rates of at least 6,500 pesos a night, was the venue for the event.

According to figures released by the Environmental Secretariat, Semarnat, organization, equipment, security, communications and logistics cost over 355 million pesos.

Meeting room rental, lodging, meals and other basic services cost another 95 million pesos while transportation expenses came to 12.6 million.

During the two weeks of conferences, close to 10,000 participants negotiated international agreements and commitments to protect the earth’s biodiversity.




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