Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2018

Mexican “Bonnie & Clyde” assault gas station and give away free fuel

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A man and a woman assaulted a Pemex gas station in Mexicali, Baja California (northern Mexico).

The couple used a firearm to subdue the manager, then they tied him up, dispatched free fuel to users and then fled the scene leaving a message to the gas station owner.

Ladrón que roba a ladrón, 100 años de perdón” (“Thief who steals from thief has 100 years of forgiveness”), was the message left by the assailants on a blackboard inside the main office of the gas station located on the corner of Calle 11 and Asturias in Fraccionamiento Villafontana, in Mexicali, Baja California.

Around 11 pm on Tuesday February 6, a couple asked the local dispatcher to perform an engine oil inspection service. Upon leaving the office, the employee was beaten and threatened with a firearm, then the couple tied him up inside the office.

The police report states that the employee, 40-year-old Fausto, said that the assailants stole 4 thousand pesos from the cash register and for several minutes gave away free fuel to motorists who stopped at the station.

Finally, the gas station manager managed to break free, and immediately called the municipal and state police, who conducted a search operation in the area to the west of Mexicali, to locate those responsible, but no arrests have been made so far in relation with this incident.

Source: The Baja Post



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