Published On: Wed, Feb 9th, 2022

Mexican actor Roberto Palazuelos recalls gun-related incident years ago

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Several years ago the businessman was involved in a shootout as a result of a frustrated armed robbery.

TULUM, QUINTANA ROO.- Mexican actor Roberto Palazuelos has monopolized the spotlight in recent days after revealing that he will be the candidate of “Movimiento Ciuadadano” for the governorship of Quintana Roo, as well as for confessing his admiration for drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, this has caused him to remember the time that ‘El Diamante Negro’ was accused of homicide.

According to what was stated by the businessman himself during an interview with Mexican talk show host Yordi Rosado, he became involved in the murder of two men during a shootout, which arose as a result of a frustrated robbery.

“I had a .380 with a carry permit from the Secretary of Defense, which is the caliber you can legally carry. The criminals started shooting, I used my .380, nine-millimeter in self-defense. Two of them ended up dead”, Palazuelos said.

The actor assured that the deceased were two criminals and they were the ones who started the shooting, therefore, he decided to fire back, and in the confusion, nobody really know who actually killed them.

After that, the businessman left the scene, because his friend, the owner of the parking lots that he had gone to visit, would be in charge of solving the problem; However, hours later the police searched for all those involved for homicide, so he decided to surrender voluntarily and clarify that the detonations occurred in self-defense.

“I thought I was going to prison, and that was going to be the end of my career as an actor. So, I turned myself in, and the police told me: “you have a very serious problem’. And I told them: why is it a serious problem? I fired in self-defense and I have a permit to carry a weapon. I was detained for several hours. They ask for reports from the (Secretariat of Defense) and they declare that I actually own a legal permit to carry a weapon. I go out because I was able to prove that it was self-defense because he shot me first,” he explained.

However, this event caused the Secretariat to never renew his permit to carry firearms.

This is not the only “incident” in which Palazuelos has been involved, earlier this year, the journalist Lydia Cacho revealed that the businessman is part of a criminal network dedicated to obtaining resources from Tulum illegally.

According to the communicator, Palazuelos would have links to a network of money laundering, forced disappearances, homicides, persecution, extortion, and threats in this municipality of Quintana Roo.

The foregoing is part of an investigation entitled ‘Tulum: Land of ambitions’ which documents the dispossession of land from Ejidatarios by politicians, public servants, and businessmen.

Roberto Palazuelos (Photo: Milenio)

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