Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

Merida bus operators use old ‘monsters’ to preserve newer units

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Under the pretext of constant dollar exchange changes and increases in fuel prices, bus owners are saving their new units and driving so-called “monsters”, according to La Verdad newspaper.

It is estimated that there are about 200 new units stored among all transport companies, with the argument that if something happens to them the companies’ finances will be affected, because they will have to pay for a bus that they will not be able to use anymore.

It could also be found that many new units are only being used for charters and field trips.

Many Merida buses are in poor condition. (PHOTO:

Many Merida buses are in poor condition. (PHOTO:

During a trip in one of those old buses in the south of Merida, a La Verdad reporter was able to observe the bad condition of most of them.

In some of the units, when the driver brakes, you can hear the friction of iron with iron because the brake system no longer has protective pads.

In several of these buses the roofs are riddled with holes, so when it rains, people get more wet inside than outside, in addition the windows are so rusty that can’t be closed because they are stuck.

But the worst thing is that the seats of the buses are all broken.




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