Published On: Thu, Mar 31st, 2022

Menos Plástico Mahahual continues with Sea Turtle Protection Program in 2022

Photo: Menos Plástico es Fantástico

Turtle nesting season in Mahahual is about to start and the Menos Plástico team is ready and other organizations in favor of the sea turtle are preparing for what will be the nesting season in the Grand Costa Maya and they started with the fundraising campaign “Save the sea turtles”.

(Menos Plastico).-Ana del Pilar Antillanca Oliva, representative of the community organization “Less Plastic is Fantastic Mahahual”, said that the nesting season will be from May to October this year, so they are carrying out a fundraising campaign for the conservation and the care of these marine species, which year after year seek the beaches of the Grand Costa Maya to spawn.

“With your donation you will help the conservation and care of the turtle Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas, on the beaches of Puerto Ángel and Punta Herradura, south of Mahahual.”

He pointed out that the problem is that tons of plastic garbage from all over the world arrive on the beaches of the Grand Costa Maya through the Yucatan sea current, so since 2018 they have been helping to protect sea turtles by dedicating themselves to keep the beaches clean of garbage and sargassum so that the turtles can reach the beach to nest.

Regarding care and conservation, she expressed that if a turtle is sick, injured, or stranded, they are trained to give it care, transfer it and refer it to specialists at the camp.

Antillanca Oliva added that the members of “Less Plastic is Fantastic Mahahual” as well as other organizations and volunteers have collected 15 thousand 352 kilos of garbage in 122 beach cleanups from 2018 to date, monitor and protect 32 kilometers of beach and maintain five active programs for the reduction of plastic consumption in the Grand Costa Maya.

“We invite you to be part of the change. You can find all the information in the link below:


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As part of the preparatory work for the 2022 nesting season in the Grand Costa Maya, in recent days, members of the organization carried out a tour of the nesting area beaches to assess their state of plastic pollution.

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