Published On: Sun, Oct 6th, 2019

Meet the Mexican wolf-dog

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Here’s a breed of canine that is as Mexican as the gray wolf and the xolo; it’s name is Calupoh. Did you know about it?


The Calupoh or Mexican wolf dog is a hybrid breed that originated in Mexico. This very peculiar canine emerged in pre-Hispanic times, the result of the mixture between the Mexican gray wolf and the dog.

Several centuries were needed to achieve the domestication of the Calupoh. In 1999 was recognized as the third breed of Mexican dogs, after the Chihuahua and Xoloitzcuintle, by the “Mexican Canóla Federation”.

 Calupoh Breed Development
The Mexican wolf dog emerges as a hybrid between the dog and the gray wolf, thanks to the similarities between the two species. This domestication process took place in pre-Hispanic times, approximately from the beginning of our era until the sixteenth century.

Since the mid-1990s, lots of work has been done on the research, recovery, breeding and conservation of this ancestral species. The genetic project was based on crosses between dogs and wolves in order to make a cultural and historical rescue of this important breed.


The Mexican wolf dog in the pre-Columbian era
As a result of archeological work, in 1999 the first specimen of Mexican wolf dog was identified. Later, in April 2017, the remains of a lupoid canid were found. This specimen of more than five centuries, was part of an offering found in the “Plaza Mayor” and was dressed with impressive and gold pieces. In the excavations of the archaeological zone of Teotihuacan some specimens were also found in the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and in the Pyramid of the Moon. In both cases, the findings were part of offerings of the Teotihuacan elite, this shows that the Mexican wolf dog was an animal that had a very important spiritual and social significance.

Characteristics of the Calupoh
Calupoh is a strong, agile dog. Males measure between 62 and 75 cm in height, while females from 58 to 70 cm. Its coat is commonly black, although there is also silver, smoked black and white. The main characteristic of these species are its imposing yellow or orange eyes.

As for its behavior, it is a very noble dog, loyal and stable, with great tolerance. Usually used to all kinds of activities, so it is the perfect companion for families as it is also very good with children. It lives very easily with other dogs but sometimes is reserved and shy towards strangers.


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