Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Meet the Americans who love their healthcare! Guess what? They don’t live in the US

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While it’s true that most Americans are not happy with their health care, in sharp contrast, a very small subset is very happy with the care they receive.

Here are the numbers.

In August 2017, Gallup asked Americans their view of the health care industry.

Here are the results:

  • Very positive: 9%
  • Somewhat positive: 29%
  • Neutral: 18%
  • Somewhat negative: 26%
  • Very negative: 19%


In the study “Expat Report: How is Healthcare Abroad?” released May 2016, our company, Best Places in the World to Retire, reported the results of the survey we did of expats in Panama, Nicaragua and Belize. One of the questions we asked was: “Overall, how satisfied are you with the health care you receive in your home abroad?”

Here are the results, segmented out just for American expats:

  • Very satisfied: 45.1%
  • Somewhat satisfied: 27.1%
  • Neither satisfied dissatisfied: 14.7%
  • Very dissatisfied: 4.1%
  • No opinion: 3.0%

In an upcoming study we concluded earlier this year that we will publish in a few months, we asked the same question of US expats living in Mexico.

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