Published On: Sun, Mar 25th, 2018

Meet SoFi the “Soft Robotic Fish”

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MIT builts robot fish to explore coral reefs for scientific purposes.

According to Matt Burgess for Wired, the latest fish-monitoring creation is a fish-shaped rubber and plastic robot from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Called SoFi, the fish is controlled by a Super Nintendo controller and has been used to swim alongside fish in Fiji’s Rainbow Reef.

“Current robotic prototypes do not provide adequate platforms for studying marine life in their natural habitats,” write adacemics from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in a new research paper. Existing underwater robotics contain propulsion systems that “systems generate substantial turbulence” and may scare the animals they are observing, they say.

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SoFi. (Photo: MIT CSAIL)



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