Published On: Mon, Feb 6th, 2017

Mayan priest to hold talks on history, dance and music in Playa del Carmen

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The second edition of the Meeting of the Moon and the Sun will be held from Friday 10, through Sunday 12, February in Playa del Carmen.

Georgia Maricchio, organizer of this event said: “We seek to provide attendants with the teachings and wisdom of the Maya ancestors, in order to achieve personal growth, “being able to reconnect with your higher self” and even bring all that knowledge to our everyday lives”.

In a press conference, which was accompanied by Mayan priest Luis Nah, Georgia Maricchio stressed that this three-day meeting “is aimed to learn and receive the proper tools for people’s growth, reconnection, and re-encounter with themselves.”

Mayan Priest Luis Nah offering a mayan ceremony (Photo:

“During the meeting, we will work to unify the masculine and feminine sides within us all, so we can live in harmony. And this can only be achieved through the teachings of the so called “grandparents” who will participate and share talks with the attendees” Maricchio continued.

Mayan priest Luis Nah, who is based in Playa del Carmen, said he will give lectures addressing issues related to Mayan history, dance, music and ceremonies, as well as how the present and future world is perceived.

Luis Nah, emphasizes that the Meeting of the Moon and the Sun will be full of culture and spirituality, in which the attendees may have different options to obtain knowledge of the cosmovision, mathematics, language, and even philosophy of the ancient Maya. In addition, there will be an analysis of the “Chilam Balam” and “Popul Vuh” , the sacred books of the Maya.

Mayan Ritual (Photo: Rodrigo Díaz Guzmán for La Jornada Maya)

The participating “grandparents” Floridelma Chí Poot, loader of the Talking Cross; Mayan priest Don Luis Nah; grandfather Jesus de la Cruz, and from the community Wixarika, Fernanda Montiel and Oscar Bolivar, among others, will shed their wisdom and light upon the people who attend this event,.

Georgia Maricchio, pointed out that artists such as Ira Calixto, Dana Arabel, Suhuy Alessandra Montana, Beto Cuevas, Ale Sai, Carlos and Michelle will also be participating.

All atendees will be able to take part of ancestral knowledge conferences, art workshops, concerts, a sacred fire lighting ceremony, a lecture on recognition of our ancestry, cacao ceremony, temazcales, sun salutation ceremonies, medicine songs singing circles, ancestral dances, talks with the “grandparents”, ceremony of the sacred pipe,  open questions circle with the “grandparents”, psychomagic around the fire, kirtan, crafts market and super foods.

“At the end of the day, this is all aimed at helping us to recall who we are, to reconnect with our higher self and to bring all these tools into our daily lives,” Maricchio concluded.




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